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W. Vito Montone

About the W. Vito Montone

​Fueled by a Socratic ignorance of society, culture and technology he creates bold award-winning creative products and programs for major corporations as well as entrepreneurs.His fascination with human behavior coupled with behavioral economics logic and interface design discipline, has consumers responding—whether real life or virtual campaigns, materials and experiences. He has an exceptional breadth of creative leadership experience spanning 20+ years supporting stakeholders, clients, team members and vendors with award-winning and financially sound projects that elevate people's lives. As an Executive Producer with responsibility for strategy, concept, resources (internal and external teams of 2 to 70), creative, schedule and budget he has been fortunate to have devise and build programs that leverage everything that digital platforms enable today; storytelling, production techniques, technology integration, exemplary reach and more.

“Vito is cool blend of vision and practicality. Through our work together, I see someone who is able to ground creatives and get them to take methodical steps in order to achieve what needs to be achieved, and articulate the future he is able to see.He pierces the surface and goes deeply into something, seeing patterns and/or connections that others (most) may not. He keeps his word and follows through, you can count on him.”

—Michael Andres Palmieri, Global Entertainment & Media Consultant, Global Entertainment and Media Consultant, Producer
Jane Smith

“I'd follow him into battle anytime, knowing we would win!”

Christopher Williams, Artist & Technologist 
Shane Melaugh

Producers Guild of America's "Produced By" magazine tears...