The Big Idea

Expanding a business into new territories can terrify some…but that kind of crazy makes our strategic creative heart beat even faster. Even more exciting is when the business itself is in the rapidly expanding and widely misunderstood market segment of CBD and cannabis. While getting their business firmly anchored in the associate-driven world of network marketing, our client came to us to help them maximize their direct to consumer sales via a national television commercial. A whole new terrain for national TV!

Putting our mass market direct-to-consumer experience into action, we researched the market, picked which of their several products to feature in this spot, developed the creative for the spot, cast the spot, and guided the talent. We also guided the post-production team and led the to-the-air team for network placement. You’d have to listen closely to the spot to know that it is for CBD and not some mass market product you are used to seeing on TV.

What We Did

Developing creative is one thing, leveraging it into sales is a whole other department of execution. We developed the CTA website, frequently asked questions, and trained the call center to be able to capitalize on people’s excitement and interest in exploring CBD for the health of their pet and their family.

Why It Worked

This new direction expanded the company’s own perception about itself and exposed a weakness in how it communicated the value of its exceptional CBD products to the market. While we were executing on the commercial and sales vehicles, we raised the bar on their product communication materials to match its new understanding of itself in the highly competitive world of consumer CBD. Next up product packaging and commercials for their other products.




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